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The sons of Mariano Guzzini, Raimondo, Giovanni, Virgilio, Giuseppe and Giannunzio founded ‘Harvey Creazioni’ on the 30th of June. The company was set up to produce artistic objects in enameled copper. The choice of name was in reference to Harvey, the invisible giant rabbit, the imaginary friend of James Stewart in the film of the same name released in 1950.
Initially the young Guzzini brothers worked on their new venture only in the evenings after they had completed their shifts at Fratelli Guzzini.
Harvey is the nucleus of the future iGuzzini Illuminazione. Indeed, soon after the foundation of the company, the production of copper objects is supplemented by the manufacture of lighting equipment in plastic.
1963: 1st June: foundation of Harvey Creazioni Snc di Guzzini R. & C. Partners: Raimondo, Virgilio, Giuseppe, Giannunzio and Adolfo. Adolfo is the president, Giannunzio the managing director.
1964: Giancarlo Capici designs the first catalogue featuring a range of lamps in a unique style. The production of copper objects had by now been abandoned and the company had invested in machine tools for manufacturing metal parts for lighting equipment.
Luigi Massoni was given the task of developing the company image of Harvey, and coordinating the image of the products, displays and packaging.

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