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Hess AG's broad product diversity ensures the availability of the best lighting solution for every application, whether the illumination of outdoor public spaces, interior or exterior architectural lighting, etc.
Hess invests a great deal in the development of energy-efficient lighting products, which has helped produce one of, if not, the most diverse ranges of efficient street lighting available on the market. This is a major reason why Hess is one of the first choices of cities and municipal governments planning the complete replacement or upgrading of existing lighting systems. The energy-efficient products employ precision-engineered optical systems with computer-designed reflectors, state-of-the-art light sources, such as LEDs, etc., providing the operator with superior economy and unparalleled lighting quality. Besides lighting, Hess manufactures street and site furnishings, making it one of the few manufacturers capable of providing architects and designers with the products for a consistent overall design.
Unique design and distinct high quality as well as optics that are precision designed to each respective application, maintenance-friendly construction, high-grade materials and sound workmanship have helped forge Hess' reputation on the international market. Hess products are available in over 40 different countries worldwide. Another great benefit Hess offers is extensive personal support on projects. Experienced Hess experts assist architects, lighting professionals, town and city planning boards, building constructors and owners in every stage of the project, including planning, installation, design and, if required, custom solutions.

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