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Lighting; 70,000 years ago, carving and painting on the walls of dark caves when the fire began with the utilization of the light emitted.
With the increase in the need for lighting various times to work step has been taken. The first studies on the bulb Humphrey Davy in 1802 by the British,
the current through a thin strip of platinum to obtain first began with incandescent light. As a result of a subsequent series of studies in 1879,
although it is not he who invented the light bulb really only contributing to the development of the light bulb Thomas Edison,
houses an important practical way has attempted to clarify. Thus began the era of modern lighting.
The work involved was invented in 1907 but 1980-90'l years of LED systems have been widely used in the field.
'Light Emitting Diode' or 'Light Emitting Diode', meaning that enter LED lighting industry is no longer just the users to use the right product in the right place remained.
This is the right place for the right lighting to be able to calculate a team of experts has created a need.
Lighting design today as it needs, which has become a new branch office, finding the correct color temperature while increasing operating efficiency,
road lighting by providing value in the lumen of great importance in traffic have shown that.
In each area that hosts a separate branch of engineering and design methods, lighting the darkness to destroy the only source of light
showed that not enough use. In light of all these projects Kitoko Lighting and engineering solutions in partnership with his carefully
calculated in the design, using the right product in the right place habitats and public spaces are illuminated.
Decorative architectural and industrial areas with a wide range of products, which have earned a reputation for quality worldwide
Kitoko by incorporating brand continues to light the way. Kitoko's his brand and distribution partnerships can be viewed from this page,
you can download catalogs. Detailed information for the product you want,
with all the necessary documents by contacting customer relationship Kitoko can easily get.


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